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Automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument

RNA extraction magnetic beads

【Product Specifications】
Item No.: 160015
Standard: 2ml
Solid content: 100mg/ml
Packing: 2ml/10ml/50ml/500ml

Product Details
【Product Introduction】
Item No. 160015, LnjnbioR Magnetic beads, carboxyl magnetic beads, with an average particle size of 800nm, good  suspension, large adsorption capacity and high extraction purity. Mainly suitable for the extraction and purification of medium, small or trace amounts of whole blood genomic DNA, viral DNA/RNA separation and purification, serum plasma free small fragment DNA/RNA separation and purification, and trace nucleic acid separation and purification, especially suitable for the purity of nucleic acid extraction Customers with high and high recovery rates. Taking 20ng/ul target DNA as an example, the maximum recovery rate of magnetic beads is 95%.
【Product Specifications】
Item No.: 160012
Standard: 2ml
Solid content: 50mg/ml
Packing: 2ml/10ml/50ml/500ml
【Product advantages】
1. High adsorption rate: The maximum recovery rate is as high as 95%.
2. Good suspension: good suspension, the half-settlement time can reach 20 minutes.
3. Strong magnetic performance: The magnetic saturation intensity is 65 ± 5 emu/g.
4. Stable process: The procurement and production links are strictly controlled, and the magnetic beads are stable and no difference between batches.
5. Simple operation: it is suitable for automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument and automatic workstation to realize one-button automatic extraction.

6. High safety: The extraction process does not need to toxic reagents such as phenol/chloroform, which is safe and non-toxic.

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