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Chemiluminescent magnetic beads

The magnetic beads have high saturation magnetization (≥70emu/g), which can be easily coupled with various antibodies to make immunomagnetic beads. When preparing immunomagnetic beads, the carboxyl groups on the surface of the magnetic beads are activated by EDC (carbodiimide) solution.

Product Details

The magnetic beads have high saturation magnetization (≥70emu/g), which can be easily coupled with various antibodies to make immunomagnetic beads. When preparing immunomagnetic beads, the carboxyl groups on the surface of the magnetic beads are activated by EDC (carbodiimide) solution. , The activated carboxyl group then reacts with the amino group on the antibody to covalently coat the antibody on the surface of the magnetic beads to obtain immunomagnetic beads.

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