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Automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument

Viral DNA/RNA Extraction Kit

1. Using the principle of magnetic beads to specifically adsorb nucleic acids, genomic DNA can be extracted from bacteria simply and quickly;
2. It can be applied to various automation platforms to realize fully automatic or semi-automatic operation;

Product Details
Product introduction:
This kit a biological magnetic bead and buffer system with unique separation effects to extract total RNA from various fresh plant tissues. The entire process is convenient to operate and is especially suitable for automated nucleic acid extraction platforms. The extracted total RNA has high yield, high purity, stable and reliable quality, and can be applied to various downstream molecular biology experiments.
1. Using the principle of magnetic beads to specifically adsorb nucleic acids, simple and rapid extraction of total RNA from plant tissues;
2. It can be applied to various automation platforms to realize fully automatic or semi-automatic operation;
3. The extracted genomic RNA fragments are complete and high in purity. The kit is equipped with DNA scavenging enzyme, and the extracted RNA is free of DNA contamination;
Storage conditions:
It can be stored at room temperature (15-25°C) for 12 months, and can be stored at 2-8°C for longer storage.

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