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Talking about the Fine Management of Reagents and Consumables in CDC

Date:2021/01/06 14:06:11
The management of reagents and consumables is an important part of the laboratory management of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. It is also an important part of strengthening the internal quality control of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and reducing costs. This article combines the management experience of reagents and consumables of the center, perfects and perfects the rules and regulations, meticulous procurement plan, optimizes the form of recruitment, information application and acceptance, scientific management and supervision, supplier evaluation feedback, etc., discusses the reagent consumables of the CDC Refined management measures, and then put forward some suggestions, to promote the continuous improvement of reagent and consumable management.
1 Improve the rules and regulations
In order to standardize and strengthen the management of reagents and consumables, to ensure the smooth development of inspection and testing. The CDC needs to establish and improve corresponding rules and regulations. Perfecting and perfecting the rules and regulations is an important guarantee for the development of various tasks, especially the procurement and management of reagents and consumables, which can reduce the risks of staff and ensure that they adhere to diligence. The center has formulated various regulations and systems related to reagents and consumables, such as "Reagents and Consumables Purchasing Procedures", "Reagents and Consumables Storage Management System", "Parameter Demonstration Procedures", "Supplier Evaluation Procedures", "Reagents and Consumables Management System", etc. Standardize the management of reagents and consumables the central program file level.
2 Fine procurement plan
In order to standardize procurement management, the center implements fine budgeting, centralized procurement, and centralized procurement reduces procurement costs, but it also increases the difficulty of planning. The routine tasks of the center declare plans at the beginning of each year, and one-time centralized procurement. The procurement plan for the whole year is not a simple matter. First, the department checks the existing reagents and consumables in the department based on the ledger, that is, the remaining quantity, and then calculates the demand and purchases based on the testing items, inspection standards, and annual workload of the year. Finally, based on the types of reagents and consumables, the technical parameters are indicated. , Specifications, to avoid blind purchasing. For the large-scale instruments and equipment of the physical and chemical inspection department, such as gas phase and liquid phase, the department must also consider its brand requirements, the purchased consumables must be in conjunction with large-scale equipment. Precursor reagents must be excluded and sporadic purchases, because the disease control system requires very few precursor reagents, and there are few suppliers with precursor reagent qualifications, so the bidding and procurement are carried out in a unified package, which limits the supply of bidders. Quotient quantity.
After the procurement plan of each business department is approved by the center, an expert group is invited to conduct a rigorous demonstration, and finally a procurement plan is formed and submitted to the procurement department for the next step of procurement.
3 Optimize the form of recruitment
Through the centralized procurement of reagents and consumables, the transparency of procurement and supply is implemented, which not only reduces procurement costs and saves a lot of manpower and material resources, but also chooses suppliers with good after-sales service and reputation to effectively prevent commercial bribery and reduce intermediate Link. However, as a CDC, its reagents and consumables are very different hospitals. They are characterized by many varieties, fine divisions, complicated manufacturers, many specifications, strong professionalism, difficult storage, high safety requirements, and high randomness, such as epidemics. A did not happen this year, and epidemic B this year was more than in previous years. This the reagent consumables plan to fail to keep up with the changes, and the contract implementation was difficult, and some could not be completed in three or four years.
4 Information application and acceptance
After the contract is signed, the laboratory staff can apply for reagents and consumables in advance according to the experimental plan and tasks. The center currently certain reagent consumables management software. The of reagent consumables management software has greatly improved work efficiency, strengthened the informatization, standardization and professional management of reagents and consumables management, and entered various purchase information in the procurement process. , Is clear and easy to calculate, and can provide information such as purchase details, quantity, purchase method, source of funds, suppliers, and subsequent financial statistics.
The specific process is as follows: The application department fills in the electronic application form in the reagent and consumable management software application client. The purchaser provides the list of items to be purchased to the bid-winning supplier based on the electronic application form, and the supplier purchases and supplies. After the reagents and consumables arrive, the purchasing personnel organize the application department and the quality management department to conduct on-site inspection and acceptance. When the amount of the center exceeds 5,000 yuan, the discipline inspection and supervision department must participate in the whole process of supervision. On-site acceptance includes checking the name, quantity, brand, specification, price and expiration date of reagents and consumables, and signing for confirmation. After all the checks are correct, all reagents and consumables need to be put in and out. The center has limited hardware equipment and strict storage requirements for many reagents and consumables. Therefore, the center has set up a "virtual" warehouse. Generally, after the reagents and consumables arrive and are checked and accepted, they will promptly go through the warehouse and out procedures, and reach the purchasing department as soon as possible.
5 Scientific management and supervision
The department management of reagents and consumables should strengthen supervision and set up a special AB post reagent consumables manager to manage the reagents and consumables of the department. The department must establish a laboratory inventory account to record in detail the information of the reagents and consumables received, such as the name of the reagents, the purpose, the time of the, the quantity of the, the amount of, the remaining amount, and the detailed records of the personnel. , The responsibility falls to the person. At the same time, the center will also organize regular supervision and inspections, and regularly evaluate the of reagents and consumables, contract implementation, and supplier services. For dangerous goods, narcotics or precursor reagents, it is necessary to implement double double locks, carry out strict application approval, and carry out management and monitoring of the whole process to enhance the safety awareness of hazardous chemicals and prevent laboratory safety accidents. For some key reagents and consumables, the department shall carry out quality acceptance, and the quality of unqualified reagents and consumables shall be reported back to the purchasing department for processing. Different types of reagents and consumables should be stored separately to avoid cross-contamination and waste.
6 Supplier evaluation feedback
Reagents and consumables are external services provided by suppliers. The quality of their services directly affects the quality of reagents and consumables. Once an untrusted supplier provides unqualified reagents and consumables, they are shoddy and the test results are unreliable and the final analysis results It may lead to the opposite direction of judgment. the perspective of risk management, it will bring huge risks to the CDC. Therefore, it is necessary to provide supplier feedback and evaluation in time, choose honest and reliable suppliers, and purchase products with qualified price and quality at the most reasonable price.

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